Gravestone Pictures

Firstly, I do apologise for the standard of the photos....a photographer I'm not...and when it comes to table and flat stones, I'm too short to get high enough above the inscription to ensure legibility.

Secondly... Since I started this in 2005, I have upgraded my camera, though not my photographic ability, and now take all stones in Cemeteries, I go to (or at least those stones I don't inadvertently miss), but for most of them, I generally only upload those in which I can at least make out names, so I have a collection of illegible and marker stones on my hard drive. I also try not to upload stones with burials in the last fifty years or so inscribed on them regardless of the original death dates on them, but am happy to check out what I have if given cemetery and names.

However, the cemeteries in Caithness and in Inverness are exceptions to my legibility rule, as for those cemeteries I have copies of the books of Monumental Inscriptions, so I do upload illegible stones if there is enough information on them to allow me to identify them with some confidence. For those stones, I will also send a copy of the inscription.

I'd really appreciate a heads up if I have uploaded something twice...or uploaded a photo with the wrong name appended, so I can sort it out. I do try to check everything before I upload, but with the bigger cemeteries I have to visit more than once....the volume of photos quite possibly will lead to duplication and errors.

Re photo requests...please remember that I have around forty cemeteries and around 4000 photos online. I find I am spending a lot of time trying to find specific photos among hundreds from those already online to send as full size to those interested, because many people simply give me a name, and often not even a cemetery. I would really appreciate it if those of you who would like larger copies of my online stuff, particularly if you are requesting more than one or two photos, could give me the Cemetery for sure..and the photo number preferably....both of which can be found by clicking on the thumbnail and checking the address bar details. If you are requesting a large number of photos, please also be aware that it may take me a while to get them to you........and it is likely to be in stages. Thanks.

By the way, if you have bookmarked this page, refresh it when you come back on the off chance of changes to it, I noticed I had to do that before I got the new index I had uploaded to show....might pull up something added..might not..but in either case, it won't hurt. If you bookmark a specific site, check back as long as the last page on it is saying it is a temporary page...because that means there will be some to come..though I'm not promising when, as it rather depends on what new stuff I have to sort out as well. If I have more waiting to be uploaded for your bookmarked cemetery, give me names for that cemetery and I will check them out. (Might also remind me I haven't finished it)

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Below is the link to an excellent site with photos and/or monumental inscriptions of all stones and a site search engine!

Latheron Old, Latheron New and Clyth

Some useful sites for those researching their Scottish Roots