Otley Parish Church Cemetery, W.Yorks

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George and
Hannah Blackburn
John Brettel John and
Sarah Brown
Ann Buchanan
wife of George
John and Sarah Catton
Hannah Eliza Clough
Hannah Clough(mother)
Hannah Cowburn John and Mary Dawson
and Family
William and
Rebecca Eastburn
Emmanuel Ellerbeck Martin Hall Thomas and
Margaret Ingle
John Benjamin and
Sarah Ingle
Tamar Ann Jeffrey
Martha Jeffrey(mother)
John Cundall Knowlson Joshua and
Mary Longfield
Elizabeth, Robert and
Grace Oliver
William and Mary Rhodes Elizabeth Robinson
wife of Joseph
John Wood and
Hannah Wood
The Navvies' Memorial Plaque Bramhope Tunnel Construction
Names of those killed
The Navvies' Memorial Tomb Bramhope Tunnel Construction
Information Board