Riverside Cemetery, Nairn

To the extent possible under law, Margaret Nancy Whyte has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Oddquine's Gravestone Pictures. This work is published from: United Kingdom.

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James Cruickshank
and Mary Chisholm
John Clark and
Henrietta Cameron
Frances Anna(Maloney) Janet McDonald
William Davidson
and Margaret Ralph
Bella Main? John(?) Smith Alexander Fraser
Alexander Harold
and Jane Malcolm
Elizabeth Nairn
(Alexander McQueen)
James and
Susannah Fridge
James Grant and
Mary Gordon
Justina McNaughton Alexander Dallas and
Ann McDonald
James McKenzie and
Jessie Urquhart
Hugh Robertson and
Elizabeth Newman
Alexander Robb
and Margaret Alves
James Houston and
Margery Phimister
James MacBean and
Janet Cameron
John McIntosh and
Penuel McKenzie
Helen Murray
(M Jaffray)
Ann Duncan
(Alexander Robb)
Margaret McGillivray
(John Forbes)
Elizabeth Greig and
Roderick Mackenzie
Donald Falconer John Main Wallace John Bain Mackintosh
and Rose Cameron
Margaret Falconer
and John Smith
William Dallas and
Margaret Fraser
Donald McKay
(Ann Stalker)
John Donaldson
Mary Urquhart
Sarah Clark
William Donaldson
Alexander and
George Grant
Elizabeth Claudia Guyon
(William Mackintosh)
Simon McKenzie and
Elizabeth Robertson
John Elder and
Isabella(?) Fraser
Janet Fraser
(James Smith)
Charles Mackay(?) and
Mary Ann Fraser
Alexina Troup Isaac and Elizabeth
James Ketchen Alexander Tulloch
and Margaret Fraser
Donald Ogilvie Andrew Russell
(Barbara Robertson)
Donald and Mary
Elizabeth DeWalt(?) Jessie and Hellen
Mary Fraser
(Alexander Fraser)
Peter Howie Ann Main and
Alexander Main McIntosh