Chapelyard Cemetery, Inverness

To the extent possible under law, Margaret Nancy Whyte has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Oddquine's Gravestone Pictures. This work is published from: United Kingdom.

The full size photos are now available directly, via the appropriate thumbnail, so there is no longer any request for a copy needed, but if inscriptions are still difficult to read at full size, email me HERE for the info from the MIs.

Robert Wilson and
Isabella Finlayson
Alexander Chissolme
Margrat Juner
James Martin
and Mary Munro
George Fraser and
Elizabeth Paterson
Lt James Geddes John and
Margaret Moir
Donald McKay
(Isabella McPherson)
Alexander Taylor
James Ross and
Elizabeth B Rodger
Beatrice Fleming William Mackenzie
and Marjory Fraser
William Grant and
Margaret Fraser
Margaret Fletcher James McLean and
Jessie Main
Adam McDonald
and Mary Clark
John McKenzie
Louisa Fraser
John McKenzie and
Janet McLeod
John McKenzie and
1)Susan Sutherland
2)Jane Fraser
Andrew and Ann Fraser Catherine Ross
(Alexander Mactavish)
Sarah Wilson William Robertson George Inglis
Sophia Bowman
George Inglis
Donald Munro and
Margaret Fraser
Andrew and Catherine
William Macbean
Ann Clark
Margaret Macbean
(George Urquhart)
Duncan Macbean and
Margaret Macdonald
Edward Shaw and
Marjory Mackintosh Lee
Thomas Macdonald
and Kathren Reid
Helen Fraser
Christina Cameron
(John Macpherson)
Marjory Hardie
(Archibald Tait)
James Hardie Family of John Pratt
and Rebecca Fletcher
Alexander Fraser
and Christina Baillie
Roderick Chisholm James and Margaret
John Suter and
Elizbath Clark
John Suter and
Margaret Jane Grant
Donald McKenzie and
Ann McDonald
Thomas Millar Thomas Gellion and
Helen Mackinnon
Skene Morrison and
Elizabeth Gellion
Donald McKay and
Ann Finlayson
Robert McKinnon and
Margaret Ormiston
John Chisholm and
Mary McDonald
Peter Grant and
Ann Cumming
Alexander Fraser
and Margaret Reid
James Fraser and
Catherine Masson
David Cumming
Margaret Cowie James Michie
Nancy Procter
Robert Macaulay
Margaret Fraser
Children of William
and Helen Ross
Robert Ross and
Margaret Macgillivray
William Ross and
Elizabeth Macarthur
Alexander Macdonald
and Betsy Stephen
William Macdonald
and Eliza Fraser
Roderick Mackenzie
and Ann Gellion
James Macdonald
and Jessie Martin