Halkirk Cemetery

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George Innes and
Catherine Gunn
James Innes
William Miller and
Isabella Munro
Catherine MacDonald
and John Miller
William Miller and
Isabella Mackay
William Campbell Alex Sinclair and
Kate Campbell
William McLeod and
Janet McKay
William Mill and
Christina Keith
Alexander Sinclair and
Johan Sutherland
Thomas Miller and
Catherine Sinclair
Christina Mackay
and David Murray
Donald Dick and
Catherine Swanson
George Bain and
Christina Sutherland
William Swanson and
Elizabeth Bruce
Catherine McBeath
and John Manson
Thomas Henderson and
Elizabeth McDonald
Family of
James McKay
George Swanson
and Helen Bain
David Davidson
and Dolina Elder
James McKenzie
and Isabella Mackay
James Taylor and
Betty MacPherson
Alexander Sutherland
and Janet Tait
Family of
David Gray
Robert Clyne
Mary Gunn
George McLeod
David McLeod and
Margaret Williamson
Peter Dunbar and
Christina Gray
John Munro and
Margaret Donn
Rev. James Gunn Alexander and
Fanny Sutherland
David Miller and
Ann Henderson
Donald Innes
(Johanna Mackay)
James Miller and
Isabella Bain
John Grant
and family
John Tait
Janet Gunn
David and Donald
John Falconer Rev. John Munro Alexander Andrew
Margaret Keith
Elizabeth Sinclair
and Robert Brims
James Munro and
Margaret Miller
William Mowat
and Jane Tait
John Weir Donald Bain and
Janet Ross
Robert Tait and
Elizabeth M C Gunn
Donald Campbell
Margaret McKay
William Williamson
Barbara Suherland
John Manson and
Ann Alexander