St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney

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John Reid and
Joanna McIntosh
James Marwick David Green Laurence and
Ann Wilson
Robert McPhail Smith David Peace
(Mary Cormack)
James W Windwick James Stevenson
Barbara Craigie
David Craigie
(Isabella Rossie)
Thomas Seater
and Sons
James Rendall John Gray and
Ann Slater
John Drever
(Janet Bews)
Peter Smith James Sinclair
Janet Bews(John Drever)
Thomas Wards
John Sinclair and
Ellen Johnstone
James Johnston
Frances Rendall
Margaret and
Catherine Miller
Peter Wylie and
Mary Firth
Margaret Croy(?)
(Richard Leas(?))
Children of George
and Elizabeth Kilpatrick
Mary-Ann Croy John Garson and
Margaret Craigie
James Groundwater
Eliza Bruce Smith
Mary Ann Harcus
(Charles Willetts)
James Flett and
Barbara Drever
James Bews and
Janet Copland
Peter Bews and
Catherine Brown
William and
David Bews
Elizabeth Bews
(John Craig(?))
William Irvine and
Barbara Harcus
John Walls and
Margaret Pottenger
Henry John Lovejoy Austin Malley A J Jones
John Low
(Margaret Esson(?))
John Heddle
(Mary Smith)
Janet Sinclair
James Leask and
Ellenor Wymess Firth
Jean Cumming Leask James Louttit
and Janet Scott
William Meil John and
Susan Tait
Janet Traill
Jean Bruce
(Isaac Park)
T D Scott Barbara Spence
(John Scott)
James Yorston and
Margaret Inkster
John Linklater
Isabella Cursiter
Alexander and
Ann Harrold
Elizabeth Halcro
(James Ferguson(?))