St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney

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John Laughton
and Mary Heddle
Robert Tulloch and
Clementina Chalmers
Robina Tulloch
(William Link(later?))
Thomas Omond and
Eliza M Bews
Robert Brough Jr
and Mary S Lennie
Joseph Osburn William Cooper Hugh Higgins
(Harriet Yorston)
Margaret Wylie
(T S Kennedy)
Mary Jane Firth Mackay Nathaniel Johnston
and Elizabeth Hercus
Isabella Eunson
(Hugh Inkster)
Hugh Inkster Barbara Alexander James Hatlow and
Margaret Copland
William Copland
and Margaret Flett
James Wards James Alexander Ben Hewison
and Margaret ?
William Hewison
Thomas Foulis and
Isabella Begland
Robert Mainland
and Isabella Irvine
Ann Rorison
(William Mainland)
George Petrie and
Margaret Scollay
Gilbert Leighton
Christian Laughton
Agnes Stevenson
(Robert Pringle)
John Smith
and Ann Burns
John Bremner
Ann Gray
(George Henderson)
Richard Peace and
Margaret Sinclair
George Broadfoot James Linklater
Elizabeth Tulloch
(Robert Swanney)
Robert Swanney
Isabella Johnston
Mary Sinclair
(David Finlayson)
John Linklater
and Isabella Miller
John Shearer William Halcrow and
Rebecca Gibson
John and Jean Cassie Christina Corsie
Robert Garrioch
(Mary Corsie)
Peter Tait and
Margaret Budge
James Tait and
Annie Sabiston
David Drever and
Eliza Pottinger
John and Barbara Muir Thomas Scott
(Margaret Loutit)
Thomas Warren
and Jean Low
Children of Andrew Munro
and Margaret Driver
John Graham Hercus Jean Beiston
(William Robertson)
Catherine Jane Paul Caroline Dundas Linay