Elgin Cathedral Burial Ground

To the extent possible under law, Margaret Nancy Whyte has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Oddquine's Gravestone Pictures. This work is published from: United Kingdom.

The full size photos are now available directly, via the appropriate thumbnail, so there is no longer any request for a copy needed, but if inscriptions are still difficult to read at full size, email me HERE for the info from the MIs.

James Roy and
Marjory Gibson
Robert Smith and
Janet Graham
William Nicol
and Jane Masson
Thomas Stephen
and Elspeth Dunbar
William Gill and
Jane Spark
Henry Vass John Dunbar
and Jannet Brodie
John Hay and
Katharine Brodie
James Milne and
Catherine Wilson
James Bremner James McBride
and Agnes Laing
Ketren Macpherson
John Leslie and
Margret Spens
James Robertson James Sime and
Annie Bain
John Macdonald
Sophia Chisholm
Serjt W M Grant and
Isabella Laing
John Petrie and
1)Isabella Clark
2)Elizabeth Littlejohn
Donald Reid and
Jean Mitchel
Robert McIntosh
and Hellen Clerk
James Jack and
Mary Anderson
Barbara Cassie William McPherson
and Helen Grigor
William Robertson
and Ann Sangster
Alexander Russell
William King and
Jannet Davidson
George Marton
and Jannet McKlean
John and Charlotte
Margaret Thurburn
John Troup and
Jane Anderson
Joseph Hopkins and
Margaret Wilson
Alexr Phimister
and Jane Procter
John Rutledge
Isabella Gilzean
William Henderson Dr Alexander Sutherland John Duffus and
Cathrine Jameson
John Russel and
Janet Forsyth
George Russel and
Ann Baddans
Alexander Russell
Jane McKimmie
Robert Brander
and 1)Jane Forbes
2)Mary Innes
John Ross and
Isabella Hay
1)James MacKilligan
2)James Jenkins
(Helen Harrold)
George Winchester
1)Elizabeth Cumming
2)Jane Simpson
Thomas Ross and
Margaret Donaldson
John Roy and
Mary Emslie
John Campbell
(Ann Matthew)
James Riach and
Margaret Newlands
James Grant
(Margaret Simpson)
John Alexander
Thomas Sellar and
Adele Leonide Byrne
Alexander Craig
Ann Craig
(Patrick Sellar)
William Young
Patrick Sellar Agnes Young Alexander Munro
and Elsie Gammie(?)
Arthur Cant and
Christian Naughty
John Shanks Arthur Chalmer
Jean Forbes
William Gordon William C Gordon