Kinneddar Cemetery, Lossiemouth

To the extent possible under law, Margaret Nancy Whyte has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Oddquine's Gravestone Pictures. This work is published from: United Kingdom.

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John Campbell and
Anne Thompson
George Alexander and
Agnes Bain
Margaret Smith and
James Campbell
Mary Smith and
William Campbell
Elspet Bowie and
Alexander Forsyth
James Cuthbert and
Jane Bowie
William and Jane
Alexander McLeod and
Janet Garden Smith
James Smith and
Janet Garden
Alexander and Catherine
John Stewart and
Lydia McKenzie
William Stewart and
Janet Scott
James Stewart and
Margaret Smith
George Thomson and
Lucinda Petrie
James Stewart and
Jane Main
Robert Innes and
Elizabeth McHardy
James Bain and
Isabella Reid
John Campbell and
Jessie Smith
Catherine McLeod and
George Edwards
Margaret Gordon
(John Murdoch)
William Gilbert and
Elspet Edwards

James Young and
1)Alice Harvey
2) Elizabeth Lawson

Margaret Bremner and
John Young
Isabella and
John Young
William McLeod and
Ann Edwards
James Edwards and
Jane Grant
William Edward and
Jane Findly
George Young and
Betsy Shand
Isabella Farquhar and
Alexander Slater
George Slater and
1)Jane Smith
2)Mary Main
Alexander Smith and
Jane Garden
John Smith and
Jane Cormack
John Cormack and
Margaret Smith
Elsie Smith and
John Cormack
John Imlach and
Jessie Mitchell
Ann McLeod and
Alexander Souter
William Scott and
Ann Stewart
James Scott and
Janet McLeod
John Scott James Scott and
Ann Edwards
John Mitchell and
Jane Scott
William Mitchell Janet Mitchell and
John Farquhar
John Farquhar and
Jane Stewart
Alexander Campbell and
Christina Stewart

Alexander Rhind and
Elisabeth Williamson

(Part Stone)
Isabella Newlands and
David Wiseman
(Part Stone)
Isabella Newlands and
David Wiseman
Jane Rhend? Alexander and
Elizabeth Smith
Alexander Smith and
Elspet Stewart
Alexander Innes and
Margaret Bowie
James Phimister and
Hellen Innes
Robert Dean and
Janet Riach
Helen Telford and
Hugh McDonald
Colin Stewart and
Mary Farquhar
William Gruer Jane Brown and
Samuel Ross
James Jack
and Ann Ross
James Edward and
Isabella Rhind
James Edward(s) and
Margaret Brown