Kinneddar Cemetery, Lossiemouth-Page 3

42) Sacred to the memory of Catherine Kinnaird and William Wood
43) In loving memory of Alexander McLennan, sailmaker, who died at Canal Bank, Lossiemouth 26th Sept 1888 aged 23 years and his sister, Joanna, who died 27th Jany 1897 aged 33 years and of their father Murdo McLennan who died 17th April 1901 aged 70 years also of Joanna McKenzie widow of the above Murdo McLennan who died 27th Jan 1913 at Inchbroom Road, Lossiemouth aged 84 years
44) Erected by Charles Ross, Baker, in memory of his beloved wife Grace McKenzie who died at Lossiemouth 16th October 1875 aged 25 years also son Alexander who died in infancy
45) Erected by John Campbell in memory of his eight children. Their mother Jane Smithh died 16th Feb 1929 aged 65 years and the above John Campbell died 4th June 1943 aged 78 years
46) Erected by John McFarlane in memory of his wife Helen Anderson who died 22nd October 1888 aged 47 years also his son alexander who died 16th September 1878 aged one year. And of the said John McFarlane who died 12th May 1894 aged 52 years. Also William, son of the above John McFarlane, who died 31st December 1902 aged 29 years after a long illness borne with much patience and fortitude. Also their sons George, died in Canada July 1911, Archibald, died in Canada August 1926. Margaret McFarlane died at Lossiemouth 5th July(no year given) aged 91
47) In loving memory of my dear Mother, Margaret Fraser who died 22 Oct 1880 aged 82?
48)1854 Erected by James Fraser, Mason, in memory of his grandfather, Alexander White, fuar in Lossiemouth, who died in March 1834 aged 79 years also his wife Isabella McCarter died in May 1839 aged 86 years. Also in memory of his mother Isabella White who died March 1866 aged 83 years also in memory of Elizabeth Anderson the beloved and affectionate wife of the above James Fraser for upwards of forty years. She died 9th July 1880 aged 65 years. Also in memory of his daughter, Margaret Fraser, She died 22nd October 1880 aged 32 years
49) Erected by John Smith in memory of his well-beloved son George Smith, who died 7th February 1879 in his 20th year. Also Alexander Smith who died 1865 aged 1 year. Also of the said John Smith who was lost at sea 10th October 1886 aged 46 years.
50) Erected by Janet Calder in memory of her affectionate husband Lewis White who died at Lossiemouth 21st day of September 1862 aged 69 years. also of their daughter Margaret who died 25th June 1859 aged 37 years. also the above Janet Calder who died 21st May 1869 aged 79 years. Also their grandson, Lewis White who died 5th April 1879 aged 38 years
51) Erected by Alexander Stewart, Seaman, and his mother, Isabella Kinnaird, in memory of her beloved husband Alexander Stewart who died 29th June 1869 aged 58 years
52) Erected by George Stuart jun, seaman in Lossiemouth, in memory of his children John, who died 14th Sept 1842 aged 4 years and Janet who died 24th June 1827 in infancy. The above George Stuart departed this life on the 2nd Feby 1845 aged 39 years leaving a widow and six children to lament his loss. And of his daughter,Mary who died 28th May 1862 aged 28. Isabell Thompson, spouse of the above died 31st January 1871 aged 67 years. Also their daughter Isabella died 10th March 19?? aged 85 years.
53) Erected by Joseph Stewart, fisherman, Branderburgh in memory of his beloved wife Elspet Garden who died 5th May 1877 aged 33 years. also of their son Alexander Stewart who died 13th Jan 1892 aged 22 years and their two sons George, aged 24 years and Joseph aged 16 years who both died at sea off Aberdeen on 30th August 1892 and are interred here. Georgina, daughter of said George Stewart died 7th Feby 1893 aged 5 months. Also his grandchild Elsie Stewart died 5th May 1901 aged 11 years and the said Joseph Stewart died 27th March 1910 aged 69 years
54) Erected by Isabella Stewart to the memory of her father George Stewart who died 17th May 1863 aged 79 years and of her mother Isabela Marshall who died 27th Sept 1863 aged 81 years. And of her brother John who died at sea 26th August 1837 aged 23 years. Also her sister Jane who died 16 June 1845 aged 16 years
55) Peter Stewart (rest illegible)
56) Erected by William Cook in memory of his children John who died in infancy 16 June 1866, Robert, who died 7th Sept 1868 aged 16 years, Mary Jane, who died 15th March 1869 aged 1 year. and also of his son-in-law John Tait, who was drowned at sea 22nd April 1878 aged 24 years. The said William Cook and his wife, Anne Sim interred Craigton Cemetery, Glasgow.
57) Erected by Mary Sim in memory of her beloved husband Alexander Hardie, salmon-fisher, who died at Lossiemouth 21st March 1891 aged 48 years and their son who died in infancy. Also the above Mary Sim who died October 1918 aged 72 years
58) (Memorial face) In memory of Isabella Stewart, beloved wife of Robert Sim, retired Postmaster, who died 22 June 1862 aged 51 years. Also the above Robert Sim who died at Branderburgh 26th Jan 1891 aged 87 years. Also in loving memory of Mary Badenoch, the beloved wife of Robert Sim, Postmaster, who died 3rd April 1886 aged 35 years. also the above Robert Sim, retired Postmaster, who died 4th Jan 1916 aged 72 years.
(Left side of Memorial) Also of his sons James who died in infancy 28th Feby 1831 and Robert who died 24th Dec 183?6? aged 4 years and 9 months.
(Right side of Memorial) In loving memory of Pte Leonard Ernest Sim, 1/5th Seaforth Hr, youngest son of Robert and Mary Sim, who died a POW in Germany 1918 aged 32 years. Also Isabella, their second daughter, wife of John Shiach, who died at London 22nd December 1936 and is interred in Highgate Cemetery.
59) In loving memory of William McDonald, eldest son of William and Margaret McDonald, who died 27th January 1888 aged 29 years, also the above William McDonald, Pilot, who died at Branderburgh 2nd January 1891 aged 55 years. Also of the said Margaret McDonald or Sim who died 7th January 1912 aged 77 years. Also their children, Mary Jane and George who both died in infancy. also of their son, Alexander Mcdonald who died 25th July 1898 aged 28 years.
60) Erected by Christina Masson in memory of her beloved husband George Stewart who died 27th November 1890 aged 39 years and of 3 children who all died in infancy. Also of their son, George, who died 10th October 1906 aged 26 years. Also the said Christina Masson who died 16th April 1928 aged 76 years
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