Kinneddar Cemetery, Lossiemouth-Page 4

61) Erected by Robert Innes in memory of his parents Robert Innes, Shipmaster, who died at Branderburgh 13th September 1893 aged 63 yrs and his wife, Margaret Riach, who died 14th June 1894 aged 50 yrs and their children Marguerita Marion Russell who died 1889 aged 7 months, John Riach who died 3rd March 1890 aged 15 yr and of James aged 24 years, Jessie Ann aged 27 years and Captain Thomas Mellis, her husband, aged 30 yrs who were lost by the foundering of the barque Osman Pacha off the Mauritius on 29th April 1892. Also of his grand-uncle, John Riach who died 4th February 1892 aged 78 years. Also the said Robert Innes who died at Melbourne, Australia 29th July 1934 aged 63 years
62) Erected by Robert Ferguson in memory of his father James Ferguson, Railway Contractor,who died 25th Novr 1896 aged 55 years and his mother Ann Macdonald who died 11th Novr 1900 aged 56 years
63) Erected by William Reid in memory of his wife Margaret Ross died 11th Dec 18??. William died 184? aged 5 years. James died 8th April 1864
64) (Flat Stone) This stone is placed hear by Thomas Mustard in Greens of M?????n in memory of his spouse Isabel Thomson who died 12th Janry 1814 aged 23 years.
65) In memory of Alexander Forsyth, labourer, Lossiemouth, who died 18th July 1860? aged 75 years also his wife Jane Smith who died 4th May 1880 aged 82 years
66) In memory of John Bremner son of William Bremner, Feur in Lossiemouth, who died 20th November 1818 aged 58 years
67) Erected by Alexander Bowie in memory of his beloved mother Elspet Bremner, who died 10th Nov 1876 aged 83 years. Also his brother William who died 18?th May 1854 aged 22 years. Also his father William Bowie who died in March 1842 aged 50 years. also his sister Eliza Bowie who died in March 1839 aged 15 years Alexander Bowie, the erector of this stone, died in Branderburgh 6th November 1881 aged 46 years
68) Erected by William Buie, Farmer of Ballgreen? in memory of his Father-in-law William Bremner, late feuar in Lossiemouth, who departed this life 18 august 1830 aged 76 and of his son who died in his nonage.
69) Erected by William Russel, Lossiemouth, late of the 77 Regiment of Foot, in memory of his spouse Elspet Farquhar who died the 11th August 1821 aged 27 years and of his infant daughter Mary who died the 27th October 1823 and of his daughter Margaret who died 5th November 1830. Also William Rusell, Lossiemouth died 1855 aged 60 years. His son James, late of California, born 1815, buried here Novr 1904, aged 90 also Jane Murdoch, second wife of William Russell died Feby 1874 aged 72 years
70) Erected by Jane Stewart in memory of her beloved husband John McLeod, who died 7th July 1882 aged 29 years leaving a widow and three children. Also the said Jane Stewart who died 8th April 1916 aged 63 years.
71) Erected by William McLeod, Branderburgh, in memory of his beloved wife Isabella Stewart who died 5th July 1877 aged 54 years and of the said William McLeod who died 23rd March 1896 aged 72 years. also of their son John McLeod who died 7th July 1882 aged 29 years. Also of his second wife Ann Edwards who died 18th February 1890 aged 45 years
72) Erected by William Geddes in loving memory of his wife Mary Gibb who died 4th September 1876 aged 40 years and his family, George drowned at sea 12th Sept 1874 aged 18 years, Mary, died Sept 1879 aged 20 years, interred at Rathven. Elsie, died 26th March 1883 aged ?. Also the said William Geddes, shoemaker, died 25th Sept 1906 aged 68 years
73) Erected by John McDonald, lightkeeper, ? of Ardnamurchan, in memory of his infant son who died ate Covesea Lighthouse 12th June 1862? in nonage
74) Broken and face down
75) Ann Cameron died 4th August 1936 aged 72 years
76) Erected by James Edwards ????spouse Jean ? ??? nonage Andrew? Alexander his sons who died in infancy June 1st 1829 and his daughter Christina who died in 1838 in Infancy. also George Edwards, Father of the above James Edwards who died 19th August 1846 aged 75 and his wife Isabel Young who died in April 1847 aged 81
77) 1853 Erected by Widow Edwards and her son Joseph in memory of her husband James Edwards, Seaman, Lossiemouth, who perished in a Storm at Sea on 23rd Feby 1853 aged 59 years and of her three sons, George, aged 33, John, 29, William, 22, who all perished along with their father on the same day. The remains of the father and of George and John, having been found are interred here. Also their grandsons George, aged 20 and William, aged 31. also the said Joseph Edwards who died 18th Dec 1915 aged 79. also his wife, Maggie McLeod who died August 1919 aged 83.
78) Sacred to the memory of George Edwards who died at sea 23rd February 1853 aged 33 years also of his son George who died 12th January 1848 aged 13 months and of his wife, Janet Mitchell who died 20th june 1903 aged 82 years
79) In Loving Memory of James Grant MA, Schoolmaster, CA Schools Lossiemouth,who died 29th May 1899 and his wife Janet Barr Grant who died 11th Oct 1901 also their son James who died in childhood
80) Erected by Isabella Mustard, and Ann Mustard or Coull, in memory of their beloved parents, Jane Anderson who died at Rock Cottage, Lossiemouth 3rd August 1878 aged 84 years and Robert Mustard, late farmer, Sweethillock, who died at Rock Cottage, Lossiemouth 11th October 1889 aged 95 years. Benjamin Coull, Master Mariner, beloved husband of Ann Mustard died at Rock Cottage, Lossiemouth 19th Dec 1919 aged 72 years. The said Isabella Mustard died at Rock Cottage, Lossiemouth 10th June 1928 aged 95 years also the said Ann Mustard or Coull who died 27th Feby 1929 aged 86 years

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