Kinneddar Cemetery, Lossiemouth-Page 2

22) Illegible
23) W G
24) W Dean
25) Erected by Ann Jenkins in memory of her beloved husband John Stewart who departed this life 7th January 1863 aged 26 years leaving a widow and two children to lament their loss.Also of their daughter Isabella who died 29th December 1863 aged 1 year and Jane who died 5th May 1867 aged 6 years. Also the said Ann Jenkins who died 23rd January 1903 aged 64 years.
26) Erected by Jane Edwards in memory of her husband, Alexander Stewart,Seaman in Lossiemouth,who died 3rd Dec 1844 aged 57 years. Also of their son John who died 9th October 1834 aged 4 years. Also his daughter-in-law Kattie Masson, wife of Peter Stewart, who died 3rd Jany 1900 aged 68 years. Also the said Peter Stewart who died 8th March 1900 aged 70 years
27) Erected by John Edwards, Lossiemouth, in memory of his father, William Edwards, who departed this life on the 18th February 1861 aged 56 years. Also Alexander, his son, who died 27th day of February 1857 aged 13 years and his mother Isabella Barron who died 23rd day of August 1878 aged 76 years
28) Erected by Isabella Souter in memory of her beloved husband John Edwards, who died at Branderburgh on the 15th October 1893 aged 66 years, The said Isabella Souter died 18th March 1909 aged 81 years
29) Erected by William Dean in memory of his sons, Alexander, born 18th September 1876, died 22nd October 1876. Robert Brander born 17th March 1881, died 16th October 1881
30) 1854 Erected by William Stewart senr, Seaman, Lossiemouth, in memory of his wife Jannet Thomson who died Oct 17th 1853 aged 48 years leaving a husband and 9 children to regret their loss. And in memory of his children, James, Mary and Helen who died in infancy. Also of the above William Stewart who died 7th December 1881 aged 78? years.
31) Hugh Aitken, Eldest son of C.S. and Ada Dawson of Calcutta. Born 1st January 1887 Died 27th October 1892
32) Illegible
33) Erected by Peter Stewart, seaman? in Lossiemouth, in memory of his spouse Jean Dick who died January 21 1830 aged 61 years
34) 1855 Erected by Janet Stuart in memory of her parents Peter Stewart, Seaman, Lossiemouth, who died 17th june 1852 aged 71 years also his wife, Jane Dick who died 21st Jan 1830 aged 61 years. Also her sister Margaret who died October 1851 aged 29 years.
35) Erected by James Stuart, Seaman in Lossiemouth, in memory of his son Peter who departed from this life the 15th Octr 1847 aged 19 years
36) Erected by Alexander Stewart in memory of his beloved wife Jane Stewart who died 31st March 1873 aged 41 years and their son James died 4th May 1858. And their daughter Georgina who died November 1867. Also of their daughter Isabella who died 10th July 188?7 aged 3?1 years. Also the said alexander Stewart who died 14th March 1908 aged 72 years
37) Flat Stone- Erected by William M. Hardy, Farmer in Weatherhills, Duffus. In memory of his children Alex and Jas who died in infancy and two in nonage 1827
38) Flat Stone- Here lies the body of Elspet Mortimer, Lawful Daughter to James Mortimer, sometime ? Stotfield, who died April 30 1799 aged 13 years. ?????? James Mortimer, farmer in Janefield many years and an elder in Drainie who died Jan 4th 1836 aged 84 and Anne Clark? his spouse died Feb 21st 1829 aged 80
39) In Loving memory of Lizzie Cullen
40) Beneath this stone lie the remains of Margaret Calder, wife of John Gordon, Labourer in Lossiemouth, who died 10th May 1854 aged 62 years. also the said John Gordon who died at Linksfield Crossing 28th August 1878 aged 72 years and of his wife Margaret McBeath who died at Bishopmill 5th Feby 1892 aged 64 years.
41) Erected by Duncan Macdonald in memory of his daughter Jessie who died 24th Sept 1892 aged 21 years also the said Duncan Macdonald who died at Bishopmill 5th March 1916 aged 79 years also of Mary MacPhail, widow of above Duncan Macdonald, who died at Bishopmill 30th July 1921 aged 81 years also their son Donald who died 7th Nov 1935 aged 65 years.
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