Kinneddar Cemetery, Lossiemouth

I went along to Kinneddar Cemetery when I was at Lossiemouth to copy the inscription on a gravestone which I saw when there previously. It had turned out that it was connected to my husband's family. However, the gravestone had disappeared, and vandals had damaged others.
So I decided to copy the inscriptions on those I could read, in case they disappeared too.
I have started on the right hand side from the gate, and have copied them up and down the rows.
Where I have moved to another easily identifiable area of the cemetery, I have noted it on the first page of those inscriptions, and have started the numbering at the beginning again. I do have a note of the rough area in which they are, but I haven't worked out how to copy that on to this site.
I am adding to this as I visit Lossiemouth, which I don't do as regularly now, so it may well take a while. :o(
Please note that I haven't included verses, only names and dates, though I would be happy to take photos or go back and complete inscriptions if asked. The punctuation is mine, as I'm incapable of writing without commas and full stops.
PLEASE NOTE: I no longer live in Morayshire, and haven't been able to update the inscriptions, but the last time I was down, I took photos of all the remaining stones(I think) and they can be accessed from the end of the MIs or from the Gravestones link on the index.
ADDENDUM: Been back and have taken all of the stones in Kinnedar, though not all are uploaded because not all are legible, so most of the stones where there are inscriptions should have pictures now.......accessed as above. I do intend to link to them individually from the inscriptions....but it won't be soon.

1) Broken-illegible
2) October? 1856 Dedicated to the memory of William Grant, son of the late William Grant of the Grant Arms Inn, Grantown, Who died at Lossiemouth on the 17th Jan 1854 aged 37
3) Sacred to the memory of Marjory Gillan or Anderson, who died at Stotfield in 1790, and whose remains lie here interred. This stone is erected by the Trustees of her son, General Anderson, The Benevolent Founder of the noble and useful Institution, which was opened in Elgin in 1832 for the educaton of youth and the support of old age.
4) Robert Ross 1878
5) R R
6) W O
7) W A R T
8) Illegible
9) Illegible
10) Broken stone-Matheson 1899
11) Flat stone- illegible
12) Broken-illegible
13) A memorie of Donald Bain from Catnes ? God 23 yrs 8 dy ? Lossiemouth by ? 20th March 1787.
14) John Wi??on
15) Erected by Ann Edwards in memory of her beloved husband William Stewart, Fisherman, Branderburgh who died 25th June 1857 aged 26 years, leaving his son, William Stewart to mourn the loss of a kind father. Also their grandchildren, James Stewart, who died 1st December 1891 aged 5 months, and Isabella Stewart who died 31st December 1892 aged 14 years and their son, William Stewart who died 14th April 1927 aged 71 years
16) Erected by Isabella Edwards to the memory of her husband John Stuart, Late Seaman in Lossiemouth who departed this life the 29th May 1848 aged 70 years
17)Here lies the body of John Cook late in Lossiemouth who died June 1775 aged 55 years and Janet Fraser his spouse who died Feb 1795 aged 65 years
18) Erected to the memory of William Scott, Seaman, Stotfield, who died April 2nd 1824 aged 42, leaving a widow and six children to lament his loss. Placed here as a tribute of respect by his sons William and James. Christina Young, spouse of the said William Scott,also lies interred here. She died on the 15th June 1857 aged 77 years. Also of John Scott, son of the foresaid who died at Stotfield 2nd January 1885 aged 77 years and is interred here.
19) J Kinnaird-date illegible
20) J Kinnaird
21) Broken stone- Erected by John Ralph in memory of his beloved wife??? Also of his wife Isabella Stewrat who died at Branderburgh 23rd October 1888 aged 47 years
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