Do You Know These People

A word of advice if you are new to Genealogy- make sure there are names and dates at least on the back of photos. :o(
Then you won't be in the same position as I am-hoping that someone out there knows something about the photos below.:o(
In the event you do recognise something/one, or can date the pictures, I can be reached HERE

I have no idea of the date or place of this picture- Caithness, Inverness-shire or neither. I don't even know if it is of seven unnconnected men, or either of my grandfathers and their siblings!
This one was definitely taken in Wick- but when and of whom?
This one was taken by a travelling photographer, from S.M.Gibson and Co, Saltwell Road, Gateshead
I don't know where this is, or who the person is- but I assume it's a relation of some kind.