Directory for Elgin in 1852


RAFF,Wm.,carter,274 High St. RAMSAY,Alex.L.,merchant,148 High St.;
house,3 Moss St.
RAY,Miss,15 North St. REID,Robert,cabinetmaker,
1 & 3 Guildry St.
REID,A.& W.,architects,Ivy Bank,west end REID,John,shoemaker,207 High St.
REID,Mrs.,(lodgings)23 High St. RHIND,SUTTER & CO.,Morayshire
Foundry,19 North St.
RHIND,Wm.,17 North St. RHIND,Mrs.,(private-lodging house)
271 High St.
RHIND,Mrs.James,9 West Road RIDING,John,hatter,Red House,
146 High St.
RITCHIE,James,145 High St. RITCHIE,John,leather cutter &
shoe furnisher,180 High St.
RIACH,Alex.,merchant,80 High St.;
house,50 High St.
ROBB,Wm.,M.D.,215 High St.
ROBB,Peter,dyer,17 Lossie Wynd ROBERTSON,Wm.,chemist & druggist,
177 High St.;house,227 High St.
ROBERTSON,F.D.,writer,279 High St. ROBERTSON,James,weaver,17 High St.
ROBERTSON,Alex.,carter,2 Lady Lane ROBERTSON,Alex.,butcher,8 New Markets
17 New Markets
ROBERTSON,Miss,The Cottage,
7 West Road
ROBERTSON,George,banker,7 North St. ROBERTSON,Wm.,gardener,1 West Road
65 South St.
ROBERTSON,Mrs.,Kings Mills
ROGERS,Joseph,hatter,176 High St. ROSS,Miss,(private lodging house)
178 High St.
ROSS,Thomas,mason & valuator,
233 High St.
ROSS,James,surgeon,26 High St.
ROSS,Thomas,grocer,186 High St. ROSE,John,tailor,228 High St.
Bennett's Close,78 High St.
ROY,Misses,229 High St.
ROY,Mrs.,midwife,179 High St. ROYAN,Alex.,meal-dealer,245 High St.
RUSSELL,Mrs.,meal-dealer,120 High St. RUSSELL,Mrs.,Star Inn,100 High St.
RUSSELL,Mrs.,(late of Alves),
114 High St.
Munro's property,23 High St.
RUSSELL,John,weaver,179 High St. RUSSELL,Alex.,printer,37 High St.
RUSSELL,James,cabinetmaker,4 High St. RUSSELL,F.W.G.,bookseller,
157 & 159 High St.;house,219 High St.
RUSSELL,Mrs.,bonnetmaker,34 High St. RUSSELL,Mrs.John,219 High St.
RUSSELL,Alex.,grocer,102 High St. RUSSELL,Wm.,merchant,127 High St.
RUSSELL,Miss,dressmaker,141 High St. RUSSELL,Wm.,farmer & merchant,
56 South College St.
RUSSELL,Joseph,carter,18 Batchen St. RUSSELL,John,blacksmith,New Elgin
RUTLEDGE,John,jail governor,
Grey Friars St.
SCOTT,J.,tinsmith,20 & 22 High St.;
house,37 South College St.
SELLAR,John,ironmonger,83 High St.;
house,81 High St.
SELLAR,John,sen.,81 High St.
SHAND,James,merchant,114 High St. SHAND,Miss,82 High St.
SHAND,John,surgeon,227 High St. SHAND,Mrs,merchant,200 High St.
SHAND,Mrs.Wm.,4 Grey Friars St. SHANKS,Mrs.John,8 School Wynd
SHAW,L.R.,North College House SHAW,Lewis,messenger-at-arms,
3 Batchen Lane
SHAW,Angus,grocer,168 High St. SHEPHERD,John,auctioneer,
Jenkin's Close,50 High St.
SHEPHERD,Miss,dressmaker,50 High St. SHEPHERD,Alex.,shoemaker,145 High St.
SHIACH,Alex.,clothier,108 High St. SHIACH,David,brewer,32 South College St.
SIM,J.& D.,shoemakers,
140 High St.
SIM,D.,leather merchant,201 High St.
SIM,James,carter,303 High St. SIM,David,carter,257 High St.
SIM,James,mason,New Elgin SIMPSON & CO.,cabinetmakers,36 High St.
SIMPSON,John,tailor,133 High St. SIMPSON,Mrs.,grocer,283 High St.
SIMPSON,David,plasterer,279 High St. SIMPSON,Alex.,merchant,
24 South College St.
SIMPSON,Wm.,shoemaker,9 Moss St. SINCLAIR,James,collector of poor rates,
78 High St.
SIVEWRIGHT,Alex.,1 Lossie Wynd SMART,John,house-carpenter,87 High St.
SMITH,Robert,plasterer,263 High St. SMITH,Wm.,26 North St.
SMITH,Wm.,watchmaker,35 High St. SMITH,John,bellhanger,30 High St.
SMITH,Thos.,bookseller,138 High St. SMITH,Miss,bonnetmaker,1 Queen St.
Bennett's Close,78 High St.
SOMERVILLE,Mrs.,11 South St.
SOUTER,Alex.,bone manure agent,
Moss St.
68 High St.& 1 New Markets
STEINSON,Mrs.,92 High St. ST.JOHN,Charles P.,South College House
office,Corn Market Hall
STEPHEN,Alex.,cabinetmaker,16 High St.
STEPHEN,Miss,dressmaker,16 High St. STEPHEN,James,M.D.,of Bruceland,
45 High St.
STEPHEN,Thomas,bellman,160 High St. STEPHEN,Alex.,merchant,85 High St.;
house,Courant Court,37 High St.
STEPHEN,Wm.,merchant,196 High St. STEPHEN,Alex.,shoemaker,221 High St.
Courant Court,37 High St.
160 High St.
STEPHEN,Miss,49 Moss St. STEWART,Captain,of Lesmurdie,
Lesmurdie Cottage
STEWART,Mrs.General,Clanallan Cottage STEWART,R.G.,surgeon-dentist,131 High St.
2 High St.
STEWART,R.,jun.,bookseller,113 High St.
STEWART,Mrs.Thomas,99 High St. STEWART,John,turner,275 High St.
Reidhaven St.
STIVEN,Jonathan,artist & poor inspector,
198 High St.
153 High St.
SUTHERLAND,John,superintendent of
burgh police,184 High St.;office,18 High St.
Craigellachie Place,125 High St.
SUTHERLAND,Wm.,Banff carrier,
Fraser's Close,53 South St.
63 High St.
SUTHERLAND,George,Rosebank Gardens,
Pansport;shop,14 New Markets
57 Moss St.
SUTTER,Wm.,17 North St.

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