Oddquine's Moray in Words and Pictures

Spynie Palace

For five centuries, Spynie Palace was the residence of the Bishops of Moray, standing on the edge of Spynie Loch, a sea loch providing direct access and a safe anchorage. It was the centre of a thriving settlement, yet today nothing remains of the medieval town, and the Palace now lies three miles from the sea. The earliest existing buildings at Spynie date from the 14th Century In the latter part of the 15th Century, the great tower house, named David's Tower after the Bishop David Stewart was built. It was completed by his successor, William Tulloch and it is his arms which can be seen under the parapet on the south face. Later remodelled, this is one of the largest tower houses in Scotland, containing five floors and a vaulted basement. Following the abolition of the episcopacy in the Church of Scotland in 1689, Spynie Palace fell into disuse.

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