Oddquine's Moray in Words and Pictures

Findhorn Bay

Findhorn was the trading port for Forres, and, until the harbour at Lossiemouth was built, for Elgin as well. At one time, the Bay had a high-tide channel of 17ft and could handle ships of up to 270 tons. However by 1900, the sand bar at the harbour entrance had worsened, and silting from the Culbin Sands had contributed to the formation of undersea sandbanks which finished the village as a deep sea harbour, although until the 1930s, coastal trading vessels continued to use it. In 1931, Findhorn House(built in 1770), and the home of James Chadwick who designed the forerunner of the present-day "National 18" was converted to a clubhouse on the formation of the Findhorn Yacht Club, and now the bay is used by recreational sailors.

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