Genealogy Links

Family Search -The IGI site of the Church of Latter Day Saints.
Just Genealogy Links and Chat - An extensive collection of links to genealocical sites arranged by country/special interest.
Scotland's People - A facility to search the Scottish BMD, the OPR, Censuses from 1881 to 1901.
World Connect -A searchable site of genealogical data uploaded by users.
Scottish Documents- Copies of Scottish wills for purchase. Names can be searched.
Rootsweb Free Census Search English and Scottish Censuses. An ongoing project.

Other Links

United Hosting- Excellent sensibly priced web-hosting
Rising Free Hosting and Designs- Good cheap web-hosting
The One Eyed Man- The blog of a media carpenter -well worth a read
Greyhounds are for life-not just for racing- Rescued and rehomed racing greyhounds
The Javascript Source- The source of the free Javascripts I use on this site.
Useless Graphics- A large collection of free graphics and animations

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