John Mowat

Born: 15 Nov 1797, Schoolery, Canisbay, Caithness
Christened: 24th November 1797,Canisbay, Caithness
Married: 7th July 1821
Died: 26 Nov 1867, Schoolery, Canisbay, Caithness of Disease of Kidney and Dropsy
Buried: Canisbay Cemetery, Caithness

Marriage Information:

Married Jane Nicolson, daughter of David Nicolson and Helen Barney, in Slickly,Canisbay,Caithness.

General Information

Occupation: Farmer
Entry number 114 in Canisbay Section of Caithness Monumental Inscriptions Volume 1

Thomas Mowat
James Mowat
Jean Stephen
(abt 1727-)
William Mowat
Elspet Bremner
John Mowat

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